CHURCH OF SALVATION, as founder of this ministry in 1998 by Pastor Fernando Nunes de Sousa, (1949-2011) has a civil nature and religious character, non-profit nor political, whose purpose is to bring people to Jesus, THE CHRIST, and make them Members of its family. To develop in them maturity according to the likeness of Christ and equip them for their ministries in the church and for the Mission of their lives in the world in order to Glorify God the Almighty. As well as the exercise of Social benevolence, cultural, and spiritual enhancement of its members. 

Believing in water baptism, the Trinity, and the Bible as the only manual of life. Consequently, Salvation is given to us by the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who died for us by giving His blood, only by Him and not by our own works, waiting at every moment for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

"Salvation present in Jesus Christ brings us good works, ..." Never forget and never reverse this order.”


Living Christianity Individually (taking care of one's own life, caring for the family, sharing the Gospel, and bringing at least one person to the Church each month) - sharing friendship groups (inactive at the moment - 1 hour duration, icebreakers , pesentations, snacks, reading and reflection of what was given the previous Sunday, praying for each other - intends to reactivate).


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Young people under the blessing and anointing of God and adding in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Genesis 2:5 And the whole plant of the field that was not yet in the earth, and all the grass of the field that had not yet budded; For the LORD God had not rained upon the earth, and there was no man to till the earth.



Focus is extension of the Church and edification and evangelism, social ministry = food distribution at the Church (another way of evangelizing, food distribution happens every Wednesdays)

Collective: Serving in the ministry, through service, in the area that each one has been taught and that each one seeks to do his best. (All ministries serve Internal impacting the External.) The vision is to multiply.


Life is a world of wonders, of enchantments! Life is amazing! It turns out that many of these surprises are not positive. This phase which you are going through, this disease that is hurting without aliviation is not stronger than you, dear cousin!

I know the will that exists in your heart. That's why I'm quite sure you'll get out of this soon enough. Find the faith, let hope guide your days and believe that everything will improve. Do not doubt! Do not give up! Have faith!


CHURCH OF SALVATION, as founder of this ministry in 1998 by Pastor Fernando Nunes de Sousa, (1949-2011) has a civil nature and a religious, non-profit nor political character


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